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This series is composed of weekly classes/workshops and assignments for those who would like a more in depth knowledge, comfort, and hands-on experience in utilizing herbs for healing support purposes. The classes will be taking place at Empowerment Center (6490 Landover Rd., Suite A1, Cheverly, MD) beginning Saturday, October 20, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Topics Include: 1) ***INTRO TO PRACTICAL WHOLISTIC HERBAL MEDICINE Wholistic concept, herbal preparation 2) ***EMERGENCY HERBS Herbs to have & use in cases of emergencies, and how to use them 3) ***HERBS & SPIRITUALITY + ESSENTIAL OILS How herbs have been incorporated into spiritual practices, emotional healing support 4) ***BASIC HERB MEDICINAL USES PT. I - TERMINOLOGIES & CLASSIFICATIONS 5) ***BASIC HERB MEDICINAL USES PT. II - COMBINING & HEALING SUPPORT How to safely and effectively combine herbs for healing support 6) ***HERB WALK 7) ***REVIEW & OTHER GOOD-TO-KNOW INFO 8) ***FINAL EXAM REGISTRATION FEE - $320.00 DROP IN RATE: $45/class *No refunds - participants will receive study materials for the workshops they are registered for, and may transfer any unused workshop dates/monies for any other classes/workshops that Dr. Yew facilitates until the end of 2018. *Participants are responsible for their own notes, studies and materials outside of class handouts. *Participants will have weekly study assignments, given at the end of class, that will be due at the next class. *Participants will be required to buy or obtain their own herbal materials, processing materials, and packaging materials needed for herbal preparation. *AWHA (African Wholistic Health Association) & CHI (Collective Health Initiative) Certificate of Completion will be given ONLY to those who attend ALL classes, complete ALL assignments, AND pass the final exam - NO EXCEPTIONS. *This is not a professional licensing course.