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Introduction To Yew-360

Yew-360 Wholistic Health & Wellness, LLC is a small company offering all-natural and wholistic services & products (wholistic meaning supportive of the body, mind, spirit, and environment).  Our name and logo symbolize the emphasis on balancing one’s self, not just in one aspect, but all around, just like the 360 degrees in a circle.  Our company focus is to promote total healing for our collective communities via information, motivation, and progressive action through all avenues of nature that nourish us as a whole.

Healing Services



We are currently located in the Washington, D.C. metro area, where we offer our wellness services and a variety of interactive and informative workshops, both locally and abroad.  We are available for personal & family health consultations, wellness assessments, private or group healing sessions, educational presentations, and special events!


Wellness Products


Yew-360 Wholistic Health & Wellness

We manufacture and distribute our own line of wellness products, and we also distribute for other natural & wholistic companies who offer top quality products and share our philosophy of health & healing.  We specialize in medicinal herbs and nutritional food-supplements, but we also offer external health & beauty products, and physical & downloadable educational media.  We are extremely focused on the quality and the integrity of our line, which is completely composed of wild-harvested and/or organically grown plant-based ingredients.  Our products are all guaranteed to contain no fillers, no synthetic chemicals, and nothing from an animal source.

Yew-360 InjuRecovery

This herbal combination contains plants that have a historical use with assisting recovery from injuries. The herbal ingredients collectively help to relieve inflammation, and to promote and expedite tissue repair, both internally and externally. This blend can be used in support of healing from wounds, ruptures, broken bones, and muscle, joint, tendon, and ligament damage.

Main Ingredients: Solomon’s Seal, Self-Heal, Horsetail, Alfalfa, Gota Kola, Yarrow, Marigold

Order Tissue Healing Support Formula Yew-360 InjuRecovery @ $19.95


This workshop series is for those who would like a more in depth knowledge, comfort, and hands-on experience in utilizing herbs for healing purposes. The classes will be taking place at various locations throughout the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area, beginning Saturday, March 29, 2014.

Those who complete the course will be tested to receive a certificate of completion.

Topics Include:

Saturday, March 29, 2014, 10am – 1pm

Saturday, April 12, 2014, 10am – 1pm

Saturday, April 26, 2014, 10am – 1pm

Saturday, May 10, 2014, 10am – 1pm

Date TBA

Date TBA

Date TBA

DROP IN RATE: $35/class

For Registration & More Info:
Phone – (202) 469-0264
Email – dryew@ymail.com
Website – www.yew360.com

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Yew-360 Got Heart

This formula is designed to aid in clearing and strengthening the heart. The herbs contained in this blend are known to have a positive effect on regulating the heartbeat, promoting the relaxation of the arteries, and In jener Ecke der Welt wurde in 1758 das Glucksspiel verboten und das bezog sich ganz besonders das roulette gratis . enhancing blood circulation. These herbs have often been recommended in cases of plaque buildup around the heart, heart attack & stroke recovery, weak heart, fluid retention, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, edema, and other adverse health conditions of the heart, both in traditional and modern settings.

    Main Ingredients:


Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Ju Hua, Butcher”s Broom, Astragalus, Horsetail, Pimento, African Bird Pepper

Order Heart Strengthening Formula Yew-360 Got Heart @ $19.95



(Your Natural Guide To Pain Relief)
w/ Khetnu Nefer (LMT, CHHP, CKYT, & Doula)

Recorded Thursday, November 7, 2013 — 9pm – 11pm EST

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Joint stiffness? Gout? Arthritis? Are you recovering from an injury?

In this presentation by Yuma “Dr. Yew” Bellomee and LaDawn “Khetnu Nefer” Frasier, you will hear about wholistic and all natural remedies that can help you to reduce inflammation, to get past the pain and limited mobility, to strengthen your body, and to regain your state of total well being!

(202) 469-0264 / dryew@ymail.com





Tranquil Blessings – Specializing in your massage therapy needs in the Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia area – www.tranquilblessings.com

Sundial Herbal Products – Wild organic herbs and herbal tonics, located at 3609 Boston Rd. (Bronx, NY 10466) – / (718) 798-3962

African Wholistic Health Association

A Soulful Touch Wellness, LLC – Specializing in massage therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, and Kemetic Yoga, located in the Summerville, SC area – www.asoulfultouch.net

Yew-360 Natural Smile Teeth & Gums Powder

Most commercial toothpastes contain unnatural additives such as concentrated sweeteners, fluoride, foaming agents, and artificial colors & flavors that can contribute to the breakdown of our teeth, our nerves, or our general health. This all natural herbal powder provides an alternative for conventional toothpastes to clean your teeth and gums. The herbs used in this formula contain no added sugar, but they do contain naturally occurring compounds and nutrients that help to clean the teeth thoroughly, to strengthen the teeth and gums, and to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria in the mouth. This powder can be useful against bad breath, gingivitis, bleeding and sensitive gums, preventing the worsening of oral infections, and cavity formation. To use, mix a small amount of the powder with a small amount of water, hydrogen peroxide, or aloe vera juice/gel to form a paste, place on your toothbrush, and brush your teeth and gums as normal. 1/2 teaspoon powder mixed with 8 ounces of the aforementioned liquids can also be used as a natural mouthwash.

    Main Ingredients:

Licorice, Neem, Myrrh, Aluminum-Free Baking Soda, Comfrey, Irish Moss, Kelp, Rosehips, Cloves

Order Teeth & Gums Powder Yew-360 Natural Smile Teeth & Gums Powder @ $7.00




SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2014 — 8:30 A.M. – 11 A.M.
LOCATION TBA (All meeting locations are public transit accessible)

An “Herb Walk” is a stroll that will be taken in a park, roadside, or woods to learn how to identify and use different plants native/local this area for food and/or for medicine. We have valuable resources growing all around us and many of us have no idea of what they are! This is the perfect chance to get some oxygen & light exercise and pick up some wonderful and engaging survival information at the same time. *Exact location TBA after registration is complete.

Cost – $25/adult (early special – ends 7/19/14) or $35/adult (last minute registration), $20/student or senior citizen, children (under 16) free with supervising registered adult.

For registration and/or more info, contact Dr. Yew at dryew@ymail.com or at (202) 469-0264 between 9am – 7pm.
**Please email best contact phone # with registration

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Yew-360 I-M-Unity (Super Respiratory Support)

This herbal combination is designed to address mucous congestion and respiratory infections that lead to breathing difficulties.  The herbs in this formula have natural antibiotic, anti-viral, and immune boosting properties that can zone in on infectious micro-organisms, while promoting the breakup & disposal of excess mucous plaque in the lungs and sinuses, and opening up the breathing passages.  This makes an excellent remedy to expedite recovery during cold & flu season.  This formula may also be useful against sarcoidosis, ear infections, enlarged adnoids, throat infections, bronchitis, and to assist respiratory wellness in former smokers.


MAIN INGREDIENTS:  Black Seed, Fenugreek, Osha, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Mullein, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Cloves, Ginger, Taheebo, African Bird Pepper

Order Super Respiratory Support Formula Yew-360 I-M-Unity Super Respiratory Support Formula @ $19.95

Cold & Flu Season – We Got Your Back!

There are a lot of worries about this seasonal weather change and how to prepare for it, especially with the flu shot scare & saturation, children back to school and indoors more, healthcare issues, etc. Well, here are some preparatory steps you can take to fortify your immune system for whatever may come your way:


 Step 1: Fasting/Detoxification

Fasting from cooked & solid foods for a few days is a great way to get rid of unwanted colonic waste, and the first step to getting your immune system ready for the potential challenges ahead. This is best to do at a time when you”ll be home for most of the day or somewhere with easy restroom access. It”s pretty simple to do as well. Start in the morning by taking 1 tablespoon of 100% extra virgin olive oil (or palm fruit oil), then 1 cup of prune juice (not from concentrate), then wait 30 minutes, and alternate hours between drinking 1 cup of whole fruit juice (1 type of fruit) and drinking 1 glass of water throughout the day. You may also eat the same fruit of whichever juice you choose to drink, and drink a cup or two of a cleansing herbal tea. You can do this fast for 3 days, then slowly wean yourself back to regular food over the rest of the week with pureed and easy to digest foods such as smoothies, raw foods, soups, etc.


Most of us can benefit from a candida yeast cleanse as well. A lot of people I”ve encountered think that the only candida yeast condition that exists is the common “vaginal yeast infection” women get, but the issue of candida yeast overgrowth can manifest itself in many different ways. Some symptoms/conditions may include asthma, diabetes, dandruff, itching, acne, craving for sweets, recurring urinary tract infection, excess stress, athlete”s foot, and the list goes on; but all in all, candida overgrowth compromises the immune system, making us more susceptible to sickness. In this cleanse, you would avoid mainly any meats, dairy, processed/artificial foods and ingredients, sugars & salt, wheat, oats, rice, fried foods, vinegar, alcohol, and sweet fruits (especially drier ones like bananas, dates, persimmons, etc.). That means your food intake over that period of time should be mostly vegetables, some type of non-meat protein (seeds, nuts, legumes), and whole grains other than the ones mentioned to avoid. Tart fruits, berries, and green apples are also ok during this cleanse. I would also recommend these products:


 Yew-360 Anti-Yeast & Fungal Blend – 2 cups daily (day and evening). This is an herbal tea formulated to directly lower the yeast population and to help cleanse the blood.


 iFlora MultiProbiotic Powder – 1/2 teaspoon daily, with water on an empty stomach. This replenishes the natural bacteria in your stomach that keeps the yeast population in balance and assists digestion. If you don”t have the money for this (excellent product), you can also get good natural probiotics from fresh-picked unwashed fruits & vegetables (for those who visit farms or get food from nature) or fermented raw foods/beverages such as raw sauerkraut or “Kim Chee” from a health store, organic raw & unfiltered apple cider vinegar (Eden is my brand of choice, but Braggs & Spectrum also make some), and kombucha.


 Sundial Koromantee Bitters – 2 ounces just before bed, daily. This is a balanced herbal stomachic, colonic, and intestinal cleanser to lower the body”s acidity and Sur cette page, vous decouvrez egalement une roulette europeenne en flash. to help rid of the excess waste accumulated by undigested food particles (since yeast thrive in acid and waste).  Another excellent option for those who are more sensitive to bitter tastes is taking 1-2 of our Yew-360 Colon Cleanse Vcaps with a full glass of water.


This cleanse is good to do for 7-14 days.



 Step 2: Building/Maintaining Immunity

Once you”ve cleansed, the next step is to build your body”s defenses with the proper nutrients, which can now be better absorbed and utilized. There are so many key components to the immune system, but here are a few general herbs and supplements I find to be very useful around this time of year:


 Individual Herbs: Black Seed, Astragalus Root, Pau D”arco, Jack in the Bush (especially for children), Boneset, Hyssop, Green Tea, Yerba Mate

*Any one of these teas at least once daily is great to help the immune system fight off colds, flus, and other opportunistic infections that may come.


 Herbal Tea Blends: Yew-360 I-M-Unity (Seasonal Support) - great as a preventative immune booster


 Vitamins: A, C w/ Bioflavonoids, D, & E

*Vitamin A Sources – All dark green leafy vegetables, goji berries, palm fruit oil, pumpkins & squashes, mangos, pomegranates.

*Vitamin C Sources – Camu camu powder, all citrus fruits, berries, papayas, kiwis, apples, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes.

*Vitamin D Sources – Sunlight exposure (#1), maitake mushrooms, avocados, sprouts, sea vegetables, moringa powder, wheat grass juice, chia seeds (help absorption), collard greens, oats, and sweet potatoes/yams (unpeeled especially). Vitamin D is also important to fight depression, which is more common in the autumn/winter months, largely due to lack of sunlight.

*Vitamin E Sources – Palm fruit oil, avocados, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, carrots, spinach.


 Minerals: Zinc, Selenium

*Zinc Sources – Chickpeas, raw (cold-pressed) pumpkin seed oil, apples, hemp seeds, spirulina, Irish Moss, mushrooms, lima beans.

*Selenium Sources – Brazil nuts (imported), mushrooms, fresh garlic, walnuts, kamut grain, barley grain, oats, dulse, kelp.


 Other Beneficial Herbal & Food-Based Supplements:

 **100% Camu Camu Powder – Best whole source of Vitamin C bioflavonoids & amino acids, fights depression, excellent for cold sores, wonderful antioxidant.


 **Sundial Woodroot Tonic – Detoxifies blood, builds and strengthens blood cells, helps to improve circulation, fortifies immune system.


 **Garlic & Onion Syrup – Make by simmering garlic & onions in virgin coconut oil until they are tender/translucent, then stir in green (whole leaf) stevia powder/extract or raw unfiltered honey (from health store only, and should look semi-solid rather than liquid!).  Add a dash of cayenne pepper and take a tablespoon of that mixture (or half for children, ages 4-12) once or twice a day.  It’s a natural antibiotic and free radical scavenger, antiviral, anti-fungal, and great homemade cough syrup. It’s also fairly inexpensive, so you can”t go wrong with this!  We also have a product on our site called the Yew-360 Truth Serum, which is similar, but supercharged with other supportive herbs and no sweeteners.


 **Pure Noni Juice or Powder – Great source of Vitamin C & other phytonutrients which hinder free radicals and assist immunity. Drink anywhere from 1-4 oz. daily in water or smoothie.  For the powder, you can use 1-4 teaspoons.


Nutritional Support: One tip to help keep your nutritional intake on track is to remember to eat foods that are in season; they generally have properties that your body needs to adapt to the changes.  Squashes, pumpkins, apples, pears, cranberries, burdock, and a variety of other root foods and earthy vegetables are in, so take advantage of them while they”re here.



 Step 3 (If Necessary): Fighting It Off

This is the step that everyone dreads!  Hopefully, you”ll follow the other advice and it won”t get to this point. However, if it just so happens to slip in somehow, we have you covered for that too!


 **Yew-360 I-M-Unity (Super Respiratory Support):  I know I can get a few testimonials from this one if need be, including my own!  This is a strong herbal tea combination of some of the best herbs used to relieve congestion, sinus issues, & breathing troubles, and to fight off respiratory infections.


 **Yew-360 Truth Serum: This is another one I can get quite a few testimonials from. I”d dare to say that this is one of the best anti-infection formulas I know of, point blank. A few alternatives to this (though not quite as powerful, but wonderful nonetheless) would be the Garlic & Onion syrup mentioned above, or the oil of oregano.


 **Individual Herbs:  Horseradish (careful with this one.. but superb in cases of sinus blockage, throat infections, etc.), echinacea (whole plant or root), goldenseal root, myrrh, fenugreek, wild cherry bark, wild indigo, coltsfoot, comfrey leaf, red root, slippery elm (can be replaced with marshmallow root if unavailable, and is a great addition to combinations to soothe irritated throat from coughing spells or inflammation in the breathing passages), elderberry, rosehips.


Also, anything that helps to cleanse the colon is a HUGE plus.


Nutritional Support: Here, fruits are your best friend, particularly citrus fruits (with white stringy part just under the peel that”s called the “pith”) and any other water-based fruits, which are very cleansing and generally provide lots of absorbable antioxidants, especially for those of you who are not supplemented up. Also, some great vegetables to utilize regularly would be leeks, scallions, daikon, kale (the darker, the better), and raw red cabbage. Try to keep away from a lot of high mucous forming foods such as dairy products (as far as possible!), refined sweeteners, soy (especially products that don”t say Non-GMO), and peanuts/cashews.

Yew-360 Feminine Touch

This herbal combination is designed to support hormonal balance in women.  The main ingredients utilized have been traditionally implemented to tone uterine muscles, and to regulate physical and emotional imbalance symptoms due to hormonal fluctuations.  Applications for this blend may include PMS relief, alleviating menopausal discomforts (hot flashes, irritability, depression, mood swings, etc.), healthy Pa grunn av de mange spillprodusentene, kan nemlig iGame Mobil Casino by pa et spillutvalg pa mobilen du garantert aldri har sett maken til for. libido support, and as a preventative tonic for women prone to miscarriages.


MAIN INGREDIENTS:  Wild Yam, Sarsaparilla, Squawvine, Red Raspberry, Blue Vervain, Blue Cohosh, Lady”s Mantle, Lemongrass, Ginger

Order Feminine Balance Support Formula Yew-360 Feminine Touch @ $19.95